Decipher OSRS


Incredible Content

Decipher is filled with a wide range of content, including a rare spawning mega boss every few hours. This becomes a multi pking hub in deep wilderness.

Great Pking

We count our combat system as the servers best asset, we have focussed most aspects of the server around pking. Including bosses in wilderness to ensure activity.

Awards & Achievments

We have lots of opportunities win awards and reach personal achievements in game. Using our achievments tab, you can challenge yourself to push harder.

About Decipher

Decipher is an OSRS based economy server. With lots of bosses, active pking and eaps of other content. Decipher players can boss for hours at Zulrah and all other OSRS major bosses. As well as our mega boss spawning in wilderness every few hours. The huge pking and wilderness pvming feast begins. Decipher includes all updated OSRS monstors, maps and items. As well as custom features like highscores, clan kill toggle, bounty hunter and achievments system.




Major Bosses



Decipher II

You dont get to be great without a victory...

Enjoy with thousands of players